Black & White Redux House

  • 4 200 Sqft Corner Terrace

Reconstruction Of An Old Corner Terrace.


We Examined The Possibilities Of The Old Structure And Decided To Preserve And Strengthen The Existing Structure While Making An Attic Extension. Aside From This, We Extended The 2nd Storey Building Envelope On Both The Side And Rear Elevations.

The External Façade Was Designed Deliberately As A Breakaway From The Old Structure. The New Attic Floor Is Now A Very Luxurious Master Bedroom, We Sought To Give Its External Form A Contemporary Aesthetic. We Designed A Series Of Fins That Provided Sun Shading While Also Adding A Dynamic Zest To The External Façade. The Distinctive Volumes That Appear On The Façade Are Conceived As A Reflection Of The Replanned Internal Spaces.

The Internal Spaces Are Done In Dark And Expressive Materials. From Dark Grey Marble To Opulent Copper Mosaics And Rustic Brick Tiles, The Interiors Are Cosy And Soothing In Contrast With Its External Appeal.

The Stairs Of The Old Structure Are Retained In Concrete While The New Stairway To The Attic Is In An Elegant Metal Construction. Skylight Provides Daytime Illumination Into The Deeper Parts Of The House And Transforms The Stairways Into A Delightful Transitional Space.