The 'Brooklyn' House

  • 6 800 Sqft Detached Bungalow

Large detached house inspired by New York Lofts and Brooklyn Townhouses


The Client’s were deeply inspired by their lifestyle during their earlier years living in a New York, Brooklyn Brownstone. As such, we began the project looking to recapture that charm and bring it into reality in Singapore.

The house was conceptualized as an agglomeration of distinct individual volumes. Different volumes were for different functional spaces in the house. These volumes were dressed in materials commonly used in Brooklyn townhouses. The window were designed to match this design intent.

The interior spaces of these volumes were given distinct aesthetic experiences. The living and dining areas were voluminous and spacious. Simple and elegant light filled space furnished with contemporary designer pieces – reminiscent of many New York styled lofts and art galleries.

The attic's black exposed structural steel members and the red brick surfaces accentuate the “Brooklyn” experience like no other space in the house. This singular large space is designed for family and entertainment.