U House @ Farleigh Ave

  • 6 400 Sqft Bungalow

Modernist Long & Slim Detached House with a twist


The U house is designed for a multi-generation family that require large bedrooms and shared communal spaces. The detached house plot size is the minimum size requirement under detached houses in Singapore.

Upon Design began the project with a clean and simple plan focusing on maximizing space and planning efficiency. The living, dining areas are designed as a singular large area that greets visitors at the entry area. The family can hold large parties and entertain their visitors here. The 2nd floor is planned to have 2 large master bedrooms with walk-in wardrobes and 2 good-sized bedrooms. The attic level is designed to be a singular large master bedroom with its own entertainment area and study area. Spacious balconies are at the front and back of the attic level. The stairway is illuminated from the top floor via a skylight.

The aesthetic expression of the building form is designed to be clean lined with emphasis on verticality. The front façade is expressed as a strong U shaped structure while the attic exterior is designed with a twist; it adopts a voluminous curvaceous form that adds a unique sense of character to the entire building form.