We're passionate about providing homes with a distinctive new design.  We love to reimagine the ordinary and make it extraordinary, and we love to bring the dream of home ownership into reality.

Landed Home Specialist

We build the home you deserve

New Build

We make sure every detail is taken care of so that you can rest easy knowing your home will be built to last.


Reconstruct your old house to give it a new look. Add a storey or change the roof to give your home an entirely new character.

Additions & Alterations

We're here to help you design a new extension that will maximize your living space and give you the space you need for the lifestyle you want.

Challenges faced by landed homeowners

Every landed homeowner dreams of living in a beautiful home, but the process of building one or renovating one is far too complex for many to deal with. It isn't just about hiring a talented designer and appointing a responsible contractor.

The overall task of building one's own dream home is immense and daunting. Most of us shy away from it even if we can afford the time or the resources.

Designing landed homes is both a complex and challenging process that can never be simply left alone to traditional contractors. Balancing competitive requirements such as aesthetic, functional and costs considerations is very difficult. A desirable end result always hinges on a skilled balance and control of all these concerns.

Landed Homeowners face many unique challenges, our team of in-house professionals are here to help you resolve them.

The landed property renovation market is growing at a fast pace. We help homeowners and developers renovate their landed properties so they can keep up with contemporary expectations and lifestyle requirements.

Making renovation plans for a landed property might be challenging. Speak with an expert architect to ensure your house looks as good as it is functional.

Our Approach To Your Business


We will provide you with a detailed itemized quotation to minimize unnecessary concerns or anxiety about additional expenses.


We want you to feel comfortable and confident in your investment and strive to provide our customers with timely construction progress updates. The assigned project manager will give the homeowners regular updates or site reports.


We believe in a collaborative approach to our business. This means you will be assisted throughout the planning or construction process, and we'll work with you to create a functional and beautiful vision.


We offer styling and furnishing ideas to our homeowners. We advise on the selection of their home furnishings and decorations. Our professional interior designers have the expertise needed to transform your house into a place that reflects your personality, tastes, and lifestyle.

Our Process


We will meet with you to discuss your needs, and together we will decide on the best approach for your home.


The design concept proposal is a way for you to get a sense of what the final design will look like in real life. It's an opportunity for us to show you how we would tackle your project and for you to give us feedback on our ideas.


We'll send over a proposal with all the details of your design, including materials and any special requests or considerations.


We will submit our designs to the appropriate authorities for approval. Once they have approved our plans, we can begin construction!


This is where your design comes to life. It's also the most sensitive stage of the process, since you're about to take a bunch of ideas and make them into reality.

Having the house of your dreams is now possible. Let’s talk!

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